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Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell started Virdesign amidst the pandemic of 2020. While being furloughed from his job due to the pandemic he began to spend all his free time engineering his long-planned dream business - his own interior design firm. His passion for design has kindled inside of him since he was a young teenager. Sam was interested in technology at a very young age and because of this interest he pursued learning many different design software programs throughout the years, especially while in college. He became very fluent in many of these programs and it was while sharpening this skill that he developed the idea of helping others using this skill. After graduating from design school and working several years in the furniture industry, Sam had recognized there was a common need in almost every client he assisted - they could not visualize their space in their head. No matter how many mood boards were made, inspiration photos were shown, and floor plans were drawn up, the client always had difficulty imagining their home newly decorated or with remodeled spaces. After seeing this need in the design industry Sam created Virdesign as a boutique interior design firm to offer high-end design expertise for anyone local or abroad. Using state of the art design software, Sam uses his design skills to show any client 3D visuals of what their new space will look like. Not only that, but the firm offers a full elevated design service and project management along with these visuals. In 2021, Sam and his wife Samantha were married and she joined Sam and Virdesign in their mission to make dream homes come true all over the country.




Sam Mitchell

Chief Creative Officer, Founder & Designer


Samantha Mitchell

Assistant Designer & Marketing


What We Do

Here at our design firm, we only offer classic and timeless design. Every project we encounter, we learn about the client's needs and the story they love to tell in their home. Applying our design expertise and experience, we turn any space into an inviting yet stunning piece of art. 

We offer a refined collection of services for any space. To learn about our studio, click the button below to view our service collection and learn how everything works. 

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